• Jeanete Zanotto

The Bottle Tree Blog

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

If you love photography you will no doubt be a fan of the weird and wonderful baobab trees of Madagascar, Africa and the Kimberley. But did you know Queensland has its very own version, the narrow-leaved bottle tree? Like the baobab they store water in their fibrous trunks and can gain a swollen belly up to 3 metres wide in a classic "bottle" shape. Both baobabs and bottle trees are part of the mallow family Malvacaea, but bottle trees are in a genus of their own, Brachychitons, made up of 31 species native to Australia, including bottle trees, kurrajongs and the well-loved flame tree.

In the coming months I will be on a journey through the Brigalow Belt of central and southern Queensland to discover the best examples of this fascinating tree and find out if it deserves a greater role as a tourism icon.

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